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Clinically-Proven Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief Treatment Provided by a Certified Neuropathy Professional Dr. Cary Chousky in the greater Toronto area.

Dr. Chousky has been practicing for 16 years in the greater Toronto area and has a large population of patients afflicted with peripheral neuropathy due to a variety of causes.  Dr. Chousky has advanced training in both the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

As proud members of The Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America, we are one of 300 clinics across North America specializing in the evaluation and treatment of peripheral neuropathy pain.  Our first class facility offers each patient a unique clinical experience, including a comprehensive examination of nerve function that enables our doctor to determine if treatment would be appropriate.

Our drug painless treatment options are researched, non-invasive and clinically proven to reduce or eliminate peripheral neuropathy pain, thereby restoring function and quality of life.

Most patients we see at the Chousky Centre have already seen several doctors and specialists, tried a variety of strong drugs, alternative methods of treatment and some sad to say, surgery. Seeing only limited or temporary results, frustrated and exhausted, many are close to losing hope.  If you can relate to these feelings, don’t give up!  There is hope!

Our offices have over 90% patient satisfaction in treating peripheral neuropathy pain!

Every day we have more success relieving Neuropathy Pain!


  1. Reduce Pain and Cramps
  2. Reduce Tingling and Numbness
  3. Reduce Freezing or Burning
  4. Reduce Stabbing, Shooting, Electric Shock
  5. Experience touch without pain
  6. Improved Balance and Co-ordination
  7. Less Dependency on Medication
  8. Improved Sleep
  9. Less Restless Leg

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